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You are in the region of Tarmalon. This region is sealed off from the rest of the world by a massive maelstrom that no one has been able to get through for nearly 1000 years. Life here is wild and untamed and adventuring is a realized career path for many. It is commonly known that mages of an evil cabal had experimented with the nature of magic and created many dangerous things across the land. These creatures and experiments are still untamed and are affecting the cities and towns across Tarmalon. Adventurers are in high demand and paid very well when dealing with these dangers.

The region of Tarmalon has been sealed away from the rest of the world for so long that most of the inhabitants have forgotten Fiends, Celestials, Elementals, and Planar Magics. Anything that relies on traveling to another plane of existence fails to work within this Maelstrom. This means that there are no fiendish invasions from the hells or the abyss, no angels walking the lands, elementals cannot be summoned, and many forms of translocation magic do not function. Though spells intended to traverse the planes still exist and are written in many spellbooks, any attempt to cast them fails immediately and the spell slot is wasted.


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Assistive Tools

  • OrcPub: An online character builder (still in Beta)
  • DonJon: An online set of random generators and lists
  • Kobold Fight Club: An online encounter builder and XP calculator
  • Gonblinist: An online encounter and XP calculator – with the use of a seed monster!
  • ANAmap: A basic online map builder
  • Remuz RPG Archive: Online library of RPG books and supplemental materials
  • dnd5e.wikidot: Searchable archive of all Official and Unearthed Arcana 5e content

Main Page

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