The Shadow Bank

The Shadow Bank is a network of establishments that store wealth and items for a small price. These establishments are easy to identify due to their unique visuals – constantly shifting, prismatic versions of various materials – flashing between all manner of woods, metals, and unknown materials all the same. All establishments are linked together and are all operated by tall masked figures wearing long robes that cover all their extremities. Their voices sound like whispers in the mind.

Each transaction for the same patron is marked by a sigil placed on a sheet of enchanted parchment. All deposits are counted together and tallied each month.

Banking Costs:

Item or Currency Type Cost of Storage per Month
First Visit One Month Free Storage
Items by Total Value 100 GP per 5000 GP of Value Stored (Minimum of 100 GP)
Currency by Total Value 10 GP per 5000 GP of Currency Value Stored (Minimum of 10 GP)
Trade Goods by Total Value 5 GP per 5000 GP of Value Stored (Minimum of 5 GP)


The Shadow Bank

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