Mazelton Bounty Board

Monster Hunters Needed!

Beasts roam the land that are highly dangerous. As it happens, they are also highly valuable if harvested for certain parts. Contracts can be signed for the return of these creatures and their parts.

Contract Offered Location                                     Harvest Requirement Proof Reward
Basilisk Eastern Marsh Eyes (200 GP Each)
Tongue (300 GP Each)
Heart (500 GP Each)
Basilisk Head 1000 GP
Hydra Northern Waterways Eyes (500 GP Each)
Heart (2000 GP Each)
Hydra Heart 5000 GP
Giant Eastern Mountains Toe (500 GP Each) Gian't Head 1500 GP

Wanted Criminals!

Criminals prey on the weak across Mazleton and there are decent rewards to be had by stopping them and bringing them to justice. Typically bandits are worth more alive than dead – but proof of the bandit being stopped is enough.

Contract Offered Crime Location Proof Required Reward
Travis Booker Murder of a nobleman Last seen fleeing to the east Travis or his head Alive: 3000 GP
Dead: 600 GP
Vashir Treestrider Murder of his own family Last seen fleeing the Drunken Monkey tavern Vashir or his head Alive: 4500 GP
Dead: 900 GP
Eastern Bandits Raiding caravans to/from Mazelton Roads of the eastern forests Bandit Raiders Returned Alive: 5000 GP
Dead: 1000 GP


Mazelton Bounty Board

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