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You are on the continent of Tarmalon. This continent is sealed off from the world by a massive maelstrom that no one has been able to get through for nearly 1000 years. Life here is wild and untamed. Ages ago mages of an evil cabal had experimented with the nature of magic and created many dangerous things across the land that are still terrorizing the cities and towns across Tarmalon. Adventurers are in high demand and paid very well when dealing with these dangers.

You hail from the moderately sized town of Mazleton in the eastern part of the continent and you have just been delivered an urgent message…

"Brave adventurers,

I call upon you for aid in a quest. In this short message I can only convey to you that this world's future is held in the balance and with your help it can be saved!

Any of you who choose to assist me in this great task shall be rewarded with title, land, and riches such that you will never yearn for anything again. Join my in the city of Merchant Square and I can share the details of my quest with you.

Forever Vigilant,
Alistair, Dragon Knight of Argent"


Game Rules

The World

Assistive Tools

  • OrcPub: An online character builder (still in Beta)
  • DonJon: An online set of random generators and lists
  • Kobold Fight Club: An online encounter builder and XP calculator
  • Gonblinist: An online encounter and XP calculator – with the use of a seed monster!
  • ANAmap: A basic online map builder

Main Page

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