Merchant Square

Classification: Large Town
Population: 2127 Souls

This town is the largest non-port town in Tarmalon. It is a central point of trade and exchange across the land. There are traders abound of every type. Life bustles about despite being in the heart of the desert and with only moderate water sources nearby.

Travelers often seek Merchant Square when called to missions that require obscure information or relics of old. The stores in this town are crewed with many able adventurers who have retired and share their knowledge and peddle their treasures.

Notable Merchants

- Coldiron Anvil, an armor smithy of renowned quality operated by a gruff looking dwarf. This smithy supplies many of the other towns with quality armors that they sell.
- Wyrm Tooth, a weapon smithy of notable quality operated by a tall friendly Orc. This smithy trades with all other cities except for Grand Ledge.
- Timeless Trinkets, a general goods shop tended to by a frantic looking Gnome. This shop has acquired items from all over Tarmalon and travelers come from all over to see the wares.
- Wayward Dragon, an inn and tavern renowned for its Blue Dragon Ale and is operated by one person, a lovely elven woman that everyone knows but who rarely mingles. She makes the ale that makes this place so famous.
- Wandering Pony, a Caravansary, Stable, and Mount Trainer all in one. This is a one-stop shop for anyone traveling long distance.

Merchant Square

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