A lightning scarred spherical crystal



Requires Attunement

While attuned to this large white gem you gain several bonuses:

  • You gain +1d6 Lightning damage to all attack rolls

If 2 or more of your allies are attuned to Stones of power you each gain:

  • (2 Allies): Maximum HP increases by +2 for each Stone of Power that is attuned by your allies
  • (3 Allies): Movement Speed increases by 5ft for each Stone of Power attuned to your allies
  • (4 Allies): You gain resistance to the damage type of the stone you are attuned to
  • (5 Allies): 1/day (Bonus Action): You can cast the Banishment spell with a Save DC of 18. If all attuned allies cast Banishment on the same target, it becomes permanent and the Save DC is increased to 22.


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