Legacy of the Ancients

The Kobold Menace

The party landed successfully on the docks, which appeared to have been attacked recently, and made their way to various places they had all planned on going upon arrival – some to the Wilting Imbibery, some to the Harlequin Pub.

At the Wilting Imbibery, the Humans dropped off the Death Dog parts and were awarded the money that was originally due to the first mate since they completed the delivery. They were also given a Biostorage Bag, intended to preserve the organic bits of monsters for transport.

At the Harlequin Pub the Gnome and Kenku made contact with Ether Littlefoot and were directed to pick up some missions for money. The Kenku took all the available fliers (Ending kobold raids and monsters in the swamp).

After some conversation but very little preparation the party reconvened and decided to take on a mission immediately. They left town through the docks and made their way west as directed by the guards at the gate.

After several hours of travel they arrived at th edge of the marshes while following tracks of the Kobolds. More sleuthing directed them south a little and they saw the Kobolds they were tracking! The party sends the stealthy ahead for an ambush and the rest saunter up to the Kobolds to converse. The Kenku talks first asking their purpose for the raids and attempts to convince them to stop. The party learns that they have an overlord named Maruun that commands them to raid and they would not stop.

After not getting the outcome they desired, the Tabaxi fired his crossbow at the Kobold nearest him, nearly killing it instantly. A battle was now afoot! After many close calls the party successfully defeated the Kobold raiders, though the mage escaped on a Giant Lizard. The shield that the bigger Kobold wore was claimed by the Tabaxi, the sword that same Kobold wielded was claimed by the Gnome, and the other loots were distributed. They also interrogated the remaining Kobold that they left alive. While talking to/at this one they learned that Maruun was a big dragon and that he was merciless if the Kobolds did not obey him and as punishment in the past he had slaughtered half of the tribe.

Upon learning more about them, the party allows this Kobold (now named Bob) to live and make a new life. The Tabaxi warned that if Bob was caught doing ANYTHING that is a crime that he would die. The party marches on toward the Kobold's "Home".

They arrive at what looks to be a large temple with 2 Kobold guards. They easily dispatch them after insulting them quite offensively. They march into the entrance and discover runes of teleportation along with statues and broken benches. They crack the next set of doors and peek in – seeing easily 12 Kobolds. The Tabaxi throws the shield into the room and claims to be their new leader. Most of the Kobolds freeze and begin debating… Several others attack!

The party easily dispatches the 3 who attacked and the others are persuaded not to follow that lead. Two Kobolds leave the room, unhindered but the party. The Tabaxi and Gnome chase them after a few moments. As soon as those two leave the room two more Kobolds get bold and attack! One picks up the shield and becomes a more powerful Kobold! The party also dispatches these two and takes the shield back.

They progress unhindered deeper into the temple. In the final room under a large tree they see the mage who escaped them before simply staring at them. Out from behind the tree steps out another Kobold with a large sack of things and a jar of green bubbling liquid. The party attempts to negotiate with them but as leaders the Kobold mage and Alchemist instead command some Kobolds to attack the party.

This battle is shortly over and the remaining Kobolds submit to the might of the party. A Kobold wearing a tablecloth (now named Doc) makes his way to the injured Gnome and applies a Healing Poultice to the wounds sustained to her hands. After discussions of a new life the party promises to kill Maruun and free the Kobolds to live a life free of forced raids. They begin searching the temple for secrets and treasures. They find a slab of stone that seems to have a specific seem around it and push it into the wall revealing a small staircase and treasure chest.

The treasure chest successfully unlocked is opened by the female Human. As the Gnome grabs for the orb within the box everything in it is covered in a thin film of material. The Gnome's hand is stuck! The Kenku tries to free the Gnome's hand but the chest bursts to life as a Mimic and bites down hard onto the Gnome's arm, knocking her unconscious! The party shorty defeats the Mimic and it collapses into a pile of goop on the floor. The Kenku picks up the orb and is told to "Find the others, it must be stopped."

The party takes the Gnome back into Sun Chamber with the large tree where Doc applies a new Healing Poultice to the Gnome's injured arm. The group finally takes time to communicate with the tribe and to bond to their new items. The Tabaxi with the Shield, the Kenku with the Staff that the Kobold mage held, and the female Human with the orb found within the MImic. The party decides that with night fast approaching they should rest and sleep in the Sun Chamber.

The party tears off the left ears of the slain Kobolds to show as proof their raids would end and set off back to town.

The Boat to Mazleton

People boarded the boat to Mazleton to begin new lives, continue journeys, or meet their destinies on this fair morning. Commoners and nobles alike traveling together is not uncommon for the western coast regions.

Once most of the passengers were loaded up a group of 4 soldiers carried a covered cage aboard with a snarling mess within. For 30 minutes the passengers were spooked as the soldiers secured the cage below deck. Once latched in place the crew and passengers were able to calm down some and the voyage began.

A Gnome, Dwarf, Tabaxi, Kenku, and 2 Humans gathered around one of the tables in the mess hall. They got to know one another and before long had made the start of an adventuring group, as many get their start.

The Tabaxi, a Champion of the Arena in Eagle Hollow, sets out to earn a name in this new land.

The Gnome, with a hidden past, makes her way to Mazleton to look for more work.

The Dwarf, running from something, seeks knowledge of the bracer he discovered in an old forest.

The Kenku, seeking to spread goodwill with others, sets sights now on MAzleton.

The Humans, sent from Allanville, seek to assist with recent monster sightings and raids reported by Mazleton.

They all play some simple games for a while and all lay down for some rest. The night is restful but not totally silent as periodically they heard the chains of the cage rattle against the wooden walls of the boat. All the same they awaken to food and drink.

The Dwarf heads immediately down to the cage room and sees that the guards who kept watch outside were dead, slumped over as though they slept, with their throats slit. Slowly the rest of the group makes their way down to this chamber. The Tabaxi and the Gnome run to get the first mate currently navigating the boat and everyone else stays at the door.

The silence here was eerie, unnatural, but they pressed on. Into the room with the snarling beast from yesterday. The Dwarf entered and saw a large hound of sorts gnawing on one dead guard, with another guard dead to the side.

The Kenku fired the first attack and scorched the hound badly and shortly after the battle was over the eerie silence faded and they began conversing about what had done this. When the Tabaxi and Gnome returned with the first mate they were taken off-guard by the new wave of attacks coming from the first mate!

After only a few seconds he knew he was outmatched and escaped the battle, simply disappearing before their eyes. Confused as they were the group called for the crew to help them. The crew immediately looked for the captain and requested aid breaking in to the captain's room. The Dwarf kicked in the door and they scoured the room, discovering the captain on the ground between his bed and the wall.

The crew heft him up and take him to the galley. The party searches the room for clues and finds nothing of importance except for a contract to deliver the Death Dog to the Wilting Imbibery in Mazleton. The group then searched the first mate's room and, after getting pummeled by a trap, discover a chest in the room but not much else. They open the chest and get shocked by a trap set by the owner. Inside was a marble bracer, similar in nature to th one worn by the Dwarf. The Tabaxi grabs this one and without realizing it has attached it to his arm and can't seem to remove it.

After all this the decide to make their way to the galley and help stabilize the captain. After they successfully stabilize him the crew brings the last healing potion they could find and force-feed it to the captain. He awakes and immediately commissions the crew and the party to find the first mate and bring him to the captain (preferably alive). If they did, the captain would reward the party with a boat of their own.

As they wrap up the journey the Tabaxi is flooded with visions of corridors in a museum of sorts. Visions of an ancient bush, games, windows into other towns, and tapestries throughout the dream.

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