Legacy of the Ancients

Welcome to Tarmalon! This is a world of unique wonders, terrible experiments, and grand adventure.

There are a few simple thoughts I expect anyone in my world to follow:
- Core rule: Enjoy yourself. I'm not perfect, so if you are not having fun because of something I am doing, or not doing, let me know! I can't change stuff if I don't know you hate it.
- Rules rule: If I make a ruling on how something works, that won't change until the end of the session (unless I determine it should). This is not to hurt you. This is to ensure we get the most out of our game time since we have so little of it when we get together.

Please head over to the Wiki for all the details you seek!

How I will be as DM

Creative Thinking is encouraged

Taking queues from a few of my favorite DMs I am more of a "Yes, let's try that" DM than a "No! It's my world" kind. I've learned that creative thinking opens doors for both the players and the DM.

Challenge and Danger will be ever present

I will not endeavor to kill you out of spite, ever. I will, however, put you in situations that are designed to encompass retreat or capture scenarios. If you don't think you can win, run. I expect this from any player. If you get yourselves into an impossible situation there may not be a way out and you may die.

I will challenge each aspect of your character, even the weaknesses (and sometimes especially the weaknesses). 

NPCs and Villains

I love creating villains with compelling stories and detailed backgrounds. I will not, however, force them to stay alive because I like them too much. If you kill a bad guy, they die. If they escape, they escape. The dice will have their way!

Legacy of the Ancients

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